Client Services

Our purpose: Shift the focus of healthcare from reactive medicine to proactive preventive care.

Benefits of a Dedicated Client Services Team:

  1. Primary point of contact for our employer groups and our wellness services. Each of our clients has an assigned client services representative to support the delivery of on-site health screenings, provide aggregate data reporting and provide support for employer wellness initiatives.
  2. Planning, promoting, and executing the health screening so your organizational leaders and HR teams can remain focused on your organizational objectives.
  3. Custom promotional materials and communication templates
  4. Online sign-ups
  5. Contact point for employee questions regarding health screening services, insurance coverage, and other related items.

The delivery of on-site health screenings is a core competency at Preventative Health and our client services team has overseen the delivery of thousands of on-site health screening clinics to tens of thousands of participants across the State of Idaho and more recently the State of Oregon.

If you would like to speak with a member of our client services team, please contact our office at 208-853-2273 or