Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the benefit of a Preventive Wellness Visit?

Participating in a comprehensive Preventative Wellness Visit is the best, most economical, and least invasive way to uncover unseen medical concerns and avoid health problems later in life. Often, participants have few or no symptoms of disease, and many participants either do not have a primary care provider or have not seen their care provider recently. Early detection means less expense and a better result for the participant.

What does the Preventative Wellness Visit include?

Preventative Wellness Panel Includes:

  • Lab Panel—Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Thyroid Screening (TSH), Complete Blood Count (CBC), Hepatitis C (HCV), Lipid Panel, Prostate Screening (PSA) (Men Over 40, Blood Test Only), Diabetes (Hemoglobin A1c)
  • Vitals, Including — Height, Weight, Pulse, Oxygen Saturation, BMI, and Blood Pressure
  • Personalized Preventative Counseling — A consult by our Provider (NP, PA, MD)

After receiving lab, our Provider (MD, NP, PA) reviews all results and recommends an appropriate follow up visit with the participant’s primary care provider based on individual results. The follow up recommendation, lab results, laboratory explanation sheet and education pertinent to each individual are then sent to each participant via HIPAA secure email or US Mail, as requested.

What is the cost to our clients and/or their employees?

Nothing. Under PPACA (otherwise known as the “ACA” or the “Affordable Care Act”), there are no out of pocket costs to the company or participant for most health plans. Preventative Health bills insurance directly, which generally requires no co-pay or deductible. We will verify benefits prior to the scheduled clinic in order to ensure there are no unexpected out-of-pocket costs for our standard services.

How do I know if my insurance covers the services?

Contact our Client Services team to verify benefits. 208.853.2273 or

What do participants need to bring with them on the day of the clinic?

In order to ensure insurance is billed, participants should bring their photo identification and insurance card. If a participant does not have insurance coverage and will be paying out of pocket, he/she should bring a credit card, debit card or check for payment (we do not accept cash).

How much time does it take for a participant to go through a Preventative Wellness Visit?

A Preventative Wellness Visit, with or without a flu shot, typically takes a participant about 20-25 minutes to complete. We recommend that a participant budget 5-10 minutes for a flu shot only clinic.

Is fasting required before the Preventative Wellness Visit?

Preventative Health recommends—but does not require—that participants fast 6-8 hours prior to the appointment time. Eating or drinking before the screening can effect some of the lab results, but does not preclude participation. Black coffee, tea and water are encouraged to drink, and have no affect on test results.

How do participants sign up for clinics?

Scheduling appointments ahead of time helps clinics move smoothly and ensures minimal wait time. Our clients have the option to utilize an easy-to-use and convenient online signup, or a “hard copy” signup sheet. We encourage online signups, and have found that participants appreciate that format because of the reminder emails, privacy and ability to change appointment times. Whether clients choose to allow participants to individually sign up online or utilize a paper signup sheet, we will provide all necessary information and materials.

How long before participants receive results of their tests?

All results for vitals (blood pressure, BMI, etc. ) are available to the participant at the time of the screening. Lab results will be available by HIPAA-secure email or US Mail (whichever method the participant elects) within 2 weeks of the screening.

What happens if a participant’s bloodwork shows abnormal or critical results?

Results are reviewed by our Provider (MD, NP, PA) who recommends an appropriate time frame to follow up with the participant’s primary care provider. However, if our Provider (MD, NP, PA) finds critical results, they will promptly contact the participant and recommend an immediate follow up visit with their primary care provider. There is also the option to schedule a telehealth visit with our Provider (MD, NP, PA) to go over lab results. They will be given the option to schedule this appointment at time of service.

Is there an age limit for a wellness visits and/or flu shots?

Yes. Participants must be 18 years old or older to receive health services.

What if a participant is unable to attend a scheduled clinic?

Any employee, spouse or dependent may receive Preventative Health’s services at our In-House Clinic, located at 1079 South Ancona Ave Suite 100, Eagle, ID 83616. Please encourage participants to call our office at (208) 853-2273 to schedule an appointment if they cannot attend but wish to participate.

Can an employee’s spouses and dependents participate in Preventative Wellness Visits and/or flu shot clinics?

Yes. Our clients have the option to offer screenings exclusively to their employees, or expand the program to include employees’ spouses and dependent(s). Many of our clients encourage employees to bring their families to clinics, and find that employee participation increases when opening the program up to spouses and dependents. Family members who are on company insurance will have the same benefits as the employee. If family members have different insurance, however, we will verify insurance benefits beforehand.

What insurances does Preventative Health accept?

Preventative Health is a credentialed provider for Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Regence, Select Health, Pacific Source, and many others. Generally, Preventative Wellness Visits and flu shots are covered benefits with no copay or deductible. However, because insurance benefits can vary across or within insurance carriers, we work diligently to verify benefits under our clients’ plans and, if necessary, the plans of each individual participant, prior to a scheduled clinic.

What if services are not covered by insurance?

We have set prices for all of our services, which are normally less than what a participant would be charged at a hospital or doctor’s office for the same service or test. We can also invoice our corporate clients or collect individually from the participant for uncovered services at the time of service. Please contact us for specific pricing.

What if the participant does not have a primary care physician?

We are a screening facility and do not provide diagnosis or long term treatment. If you do not have a physician who you have established care with, you may make a follow-up appointment with our Provider (MD, NP, PA). She will be able to provide you with some treatment options as well as make appropriate recommendations based on your screening results.

Is there a minimum number of participants required to schedule a clinic?

Yes. We generally require a minimum of 15 participants for a preventative wellness visit, and 25 participants for a flu shot only clinic.

Can Preventative Wellness Visits and flu shot clinics be done at the same time?

Yes. Preventative Wellness Visits and flu shot clinics are frequently combined during flu shot season, September through January.

How much space does Preventative Health require?

All clinics take place on-site at your company, and we can accommodate most room sizes. In order to afford the maximum amount of privacy possible, we set up privacy screens between all stations and will gladly meet any of our clients’ special needs or requests. Preventative Wellness clinics generally require 4-5 separate tables (stations) with room for privacy, while flu shot only clinics require room for just 2 tables (stations). We can adapt to utilize multiple small rooms, conference rooms and most other spaces.

Can clients schedule clinics at multiple company locations?

Yes. We can schedule Preventative Wellness clinics and Flu Shot clinics at different company locations; we just ask that our clients ensure a minimum of 15 participants for Preventative Wellness clinics and a minimum of 25 participants for Flu Shot only clinics.

How many participants can Preventative Health accommodate per clinic?

Providing a convenient, no-hassle clinic for our clients and their employees is our mission. Staff will arrive on site as needed and stay as long as necessary to ensure maximum participation. If needed, we can schedule clinics for multiple days, at multiple locations, and can also accommodate evening and weekend clinics.

You may also contact our Client Services Team for more information. 208.853.2273 or

How can clients ensure a good participation rate at our on-site clinics?

We provide all materials necessary to educate, promote and market our clinics. Our client services team will provide fliers, which we recommend to post at least 2-3 weeks before the clinic. We can also provide a sample email to send company-wide to employees, convenient and easy-to-use online signups, and automatic reminder emails and/or telephone calls prior to the event. We have found that periodic, frequent email from our clients with signup information is a good way to ensure robust participation. The single most important factor is support from company leadership. Ensuring that management communicates to employees regarding the clinic logistics and of the importance of Preventative Wellness clinics is critical.

How much advance notice does Preventative Health require to schedule a Preventative Wellness Clinic?

We appreciate at least 30 days advance notice in order to ensure appropriate staffing and verification of benefits prior to holding a Preventative Wellness Clinic. We find our clients use this time to communicate the event to employees, answer questions, and circulate signups in order to ensure full and robust participation.